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Top 3 Reasons to hire a game truck for a party

Fun fun and lot more fun The most important reason is Everyone Love Video Games. We have huge collection of games. Starting from the classic Mario kart which is the favorite of all age groups from kids to adults and the GTA and Call of Duty catering the adult crowd.Video games are very entertaining and intriguing. We have never closed the party on time, it was always "5 more mins please..."

And it wont be just kids sitting around, Adults can have fun too. Thanks to our outdoor TV's, there was a lot of dancing and goofing. Everyone loved it !

Hassle free

We come to your doorstep or your party venue, all we need is a place to park (American Game Truck has entertained customers in parks, apartment and school parking lots). We setup and cleanup ! Rain or Shine !

Cost effective

For the level of entertainment we bring, we are very affordable. One of my customer did a math and computed that it was only around $13 per guest at the convenience of your doorstep!

It is a frugal and yet the most entertaining way to throw a party.

We at American Game Truck always strive to fulfill all the above 3 reasons and more. Our motto is to always bring "An epic mobile video game experience".

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