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Saved a party, AGT style

Late on a slow sunday afternoon, I finished my lunch and sat lazing on my couch. Our 800 number for booking a game trailer rang. I did not pick up the phone on the first ring because I was half asleep. When I picked it up on the second ring, I could sense the desperation and panic on the other end right away. It was a mom calling to say that she had booked a game truck from another company(competitor no need for name), but they were a no show. She had 20 kids waiting, she did not know what to do, and she was calling around in a panic to get a game truck ASAP.

We had finished our parties for the day, and I had just came back after parking the game trailer in storage. I wanted to rest, but I could feel her desperation and pain. As a parent, I could sympathize with her. How could I stand by and let a mother see her son upset at his own birthday party? I felt her pain and I wanted to help. I kicked it into high gear, called the game coach who lives nearest the base and luckily he was ready for action. We asked the him to meet me at the storage facility to save time. We were at the party within an hour of the first call. That is how you "Save the party AGT style."

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